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Non-Toxic Pool Antifreeze remove
Description: Pool Antifreeze -50 °C is specially formualted to burst protect all water systems to -50 °C. It is a safe non-toxic antifreeze and lubricant for all swimming pool systems. Will not dissolve copper, brass or plastic piping and parts (except acetates). Protects to -50 °C when used full strength.
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Directions 1. Thoroughly drain all water from holding tank, lines and water heater (if applicable), removing filters in purifier (if applicable). 2. Saving approximately one cup for each trap (sinks, showers etc.) and Antifreeze for Swimming Pool full strength to holding tank. By-passing the hot water tank is recommended. 3. Making sure all faucets are closed, re-pressurize system. 4. Open faucets, beginning with one furthest from the holding tank (hot faucets first) 5. Run each faucet and flush each toilet until solution colour is clearly visible. 6. Finally pour one cup of Antifreeze for Swimming Pool down each trap FULL STRENGTH