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Jack's MagicĀ® The Magenta Stuff remove
Description: This sequestering product represents a breakthrough in swimming pool stain prevention. Highly effective in all pool systems, including salt, The Magenta Stuff has been formulated to prevent and help remove metallic stains and scale. 50% stronger- 750ml treats 40,000L of water. Works with all sanitizer systems, including salt. Cleans salt cells. Reduces phosphate levels in pool water.
Order Number JMS06000
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Directions Initial Dose/Start Up (existing pools, new pools or new pool finishes): Add 750ml per 40,000L of pool water. Maintenance/Prevention: Add 250ml per 40,000L of pool water on a weekly basis to help prevent staining and scaling. Stain Removal: In certain instances, this product can be used to reduce the severity of a stain over time. In order to determine the appropriate method of removing existing stains, use a Jack's Magic Stain ID Kit.