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Dazzle™ Rapid Action Filter Cleanse remove
Description: Dazzle's Rapid Action Filter Cleanse is an easy, eco-friendly, one-step filter cleaner that effectively cleans all types of filter media. With an accelerated H2O2, it disinfects water, cleans oils, algae/biofilms, scale and rust, and whitens cartridges to maximize efficiency. When used regulary, results can be achieved within 15 minutes. Common contaminants are not released through normal cleaning/backwashing, literally digesting dirt, oils, scale, etc. The powerful, biodegradable surfactants lift debris from surface media. 
Order Number DAZ05003
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Directions Sand Filter: 1. Backwash filter for 3-5 minutes and rinse for 20-30 seconds. 2. Turn pump off and return dial valve to "filter" position. 3. Remove strainer lid on pump. 4. Pour 1L of Rapid Action Filter Cleanse into the strainer basket and replace lid. 5. Turn the pump on for 5-15 seconds (just enough time to get the Rapid Action Filter Cleanse into the filter). 6. Shut off the pump and leave off for 8 hours. 7. Backwash thoroughly (minimum of 3 minutes). 8. Resume normal operation. Cartridge Filter: 1. Turn pump off. 2. Unscrew clamps and remove lid, then remove both cartridge filters. 3. Use a garden hose to rinse the filter (do not use a pressure washer, do not clean at a car wash). 4. Fill a garbage pail (or similarly size container) with hot water. 5. Add 1L of Rapid Action Filter Cleanse to the garbage pail of hot water. 6. Place the filter into the garbage pail of hot water and allow to soak for 18 hours. 7. Remove filters and rinse with a garden hose. 8. Replace clean filters to the system, and resume normal operation.