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Dazzle™ Clear Rebound remove
Description: A powerful, eco-friendly problem solver that is ideal for quick treatment of dead algae, biofilm and algae membranes, oil, gas, chemical contamination, pollutants, organic contamination (tannins, pollen), heavy bather wastes, animal waste and heavy odours. Contains a powerful natural enzyme/botanical blend with an organic polymer clarifier. Cleanse the filter as it cleans the pool. A natural alternative to flocculants with no wasted water, no water discharge or water balance issues. Easy to use, just pour it in. 
Order Number DAZ05032
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Directions 1. Measure 160ml per 10,000L of pool water. One capful treats 7,500L of pool water. Product can be used every two days until pool water is clear. 2. With the pool circulation system running, pour directly around the perimeter of the pool. Do not use for two hours before or after shocking. If water temperature is below 70 Degrees Fahrenheit, Dazzle Clear Rebound will work slower. Allow more time for results.