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Dazzle™ Algae Clear 60 remove
Description: The Dazzle Algae Clear 60 is a concentrated, highly effective algae destroyer and preventative. This 60% blended, non-foaming algaecide can be used where water features or an attached hot tub agitate the water. As a broad spectrum algaecide, it is ideal for killing a wide variety of algae species found in swimming pool water. Clarifiers in the formula also aid in settling dead algae to the pool floor or helping it get trapped in the pools filter media. Wide pH tolerance. High concentration allows for lesser consumption.
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Directions 1. Brush and vacuum the pool to remove as much physical debris as possible. 2. Where possible, test and balance the water- especially the pH (7.4- 7.6). All swimming pool products work more effectively when the water is properly balanced. 3. Apply an initial shock treatment to the water. 4. Use Dazzle Algae Clear 60. Use at the rate of 100ml/ 10,000L to provide the necessary algae destroying capability to the water. Apply by pouring the required amount around the edges of the swimming pool. Ideally, wait until pool water turns a milky colour before moving to the next step. 5. Use a clarifier to accelerate destruction and digestion of algae and to return the water to the destined clarity.