December 2, 2015
Improve your Campground During Off-Season

With fall coming to an end, the off-season provides the perfect opportunity for campground owners and managers to make improvements in time for the busy upcoming summer season. Improvements may include plans to renovate existing camping facilities or the addition of new facilities, equipment, programs or activities. Planning improvements during the winter allows work to be completed during the cooler, quieter months where campers do not frequent the campground often. Planning ahead of time will decrease the inconvenience your campers may experience, and improve their overall visit.

It is important for businesses, including campgrounds, to be constantly improving. Whether the change is big, or small, or even visible to campers, upgrades to your facility will only enhance your campers experience at your campground.

On hot summer days, children and their families flock to the swimming pool to cool down and have some fun. One way to enhance your facility is to give your aquatic facility a makeover. Whether through a complete renovation, or the addition of an exciting water feature, your swimming pool can become the heart of your campground whatever your budget may be. Here’s a list of ideas to instantly add an element of excitement to your swimming pool or aquatic facility!

Quickly becoming the most popular way to cool off on a summer day, Splash Pads are the safest water play option and have universal accessibility. Splash Pads are perfect for children of all ages and eliminate the need for lifeguards. A splash pad is an excellent addition to an existing aquatic facility, but also works perfectly standing alone! Whether your campground has a pool or not, custom and themed spray feature can create and exciting and interactive aquatic environment for your guests all summer long!

Make the climb; add a climbing wall to your campground! The addition of an aquatic climbing wall will ehance the aquatic experience at your campground and increase the number of pool users. As a relativley new concept, this awesome feature will add variety and excitment to any facility, peaking interest of new guests as well as maintaining the interest of recurring visitors.

From complex entertainment structures to elephant water slides deisgned to enrich a young swimmer's experience, a water slide is the perfect answer to elevating your facilty's entertainment value and worth. Custom of popular designed slides can be installed with limited space requirements making an upgrade easily attainable. Fun for the whole family, make your campground the highlight of any visitor's experience.

Is your campground's swimming pool starting to show its age both cosmetically and functionally? Does your pool meet code requirements? Whether your pool needs a simple repair, or a complex upgrade, it is important to keep your aquatic facility running properly and in many cases a renovation could mean cost savings in the long run. Why build a brand new pool, if a renovation can bring your existing pool back to life?

Charlotte Swart
Marketing Coordinator
As the Marketing Coordinator for Acapulco Pools, Charlotte manages our social media networks, website and contributes to our weekly blog. Charlotte joined Acapulco in 2013 after graduating from the Advertising Program at Conestoga College.


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