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May 25, 2016
Top 10 Pool Toys of the Summer

With Victoria weekend behind us, summer is right around the corner. Those of us with backyard pools are already enjoying the open season, while the rest of us are anxiously awaiting the opening of our local community pools and beaches. Whether you're swimming in your backyard pool, at your local community pool, in a lake at your cottage, or at your nearest beach, water or pool toys are a great way to add in a little extra fun for swimmers of all ages! Over the past few years, we have seen a huge rise of the giant inflatable water toys. From the giant inflatable swan's and flamingo's to the giant inflatable pizza's, donut's, pretzels and more, they can be seen everywhere, including in the hands of celebrities like Taylor Swift, The Kardashians and Miley Cyrus. If its got the Swift seal of approval, you know it's good! Here is a top 10 list of fun and exciting pool toys to brighten up your summer.

10. Luxury Lounge Chair

Once you try Swimline's SunChaser Luxury Floating Pool Longer, there will be no going back. This is not your ordinary pool float. The SunChaser is made with a soft, yet durable SunSoft fabric combined with adjustable inflatable cushions to provide support from head to toe. The molded pontoons provide great floatation and are equipped with two built in cup holders. This chair is more than just a pool accessory, it is a pool necessity. Experience ultimate relaxation this summer with Swimline's SunChaser Luxury Floating Pool Lounger.

9. Floating Chair
Airhead's floating chair is great on land or in water. On hot summer days, you don't have to worry about getting in and out of the pool to stay hydrated. The floating chair is equipped with a molded drink holder so you can keep a nice, cold drink within reach. Staying comfortable isn't an issue, the floating chair features an ergonomic backrest and is made with thick, durable PVC. This float has a capacity of one person. Equipped with a Speed Safety Valve for easy inflating and deflating. Measures 47" in diameter (deflated). This summer, add luxury to your pool, patio, deck, cottage or beach with Airhead's floating chair!

8. Floating Couch
Airhead's comfy floating couch is perfect for the pool, lake, on shore or poolside. This floating couch is made of heavy gauge PVC and can hold up to three adults or four children. The floating couch is equipped with two patented Speed Safety Valves for fast inflating and deflating. Measures 67" diameter (deflated). When the warm weather hits, you don't want to be without one of these fun floats! This summer, soak up the sun, spend time with some friends or sit back and relax with a great book on one of Airhead's floating couches. 

7. Baby Bopper Inflatable Pool Seat

Swimline's Baby Bopper Baby Seat is a fun floating seat for young children that offers unlimited fun in the sun. This adorable inflatable pool seat is made of heavy duty vinyl and comes with moles and a hammer as an added bonus! Your child will bop the summer away with this whack-a-mole themed baby seat!

6. Pool Buggy

Swimline's Pool Buggy is a great way to encourage safe splashing for your young ones! This baby seat allows your toddler to sit upright in the comfortable pocket seat with a convertible top helping to protect your child from the sun. The Pool Buggy is complete with a steering wheel, a push horn and oversized tires. It's made of high-quality, durable vinyl and is recommended for swimmers aged 2-5 years. This summer, your toddler can be just like mom and dad with their very own floatable pool buggy!

5. PowerBlaster Squirter

Swimline's Powerblaster Squirter water pistol will provide kids with tons of water fun all summer long! This floating water toy features a constant supply water pistol, one Powerblaster tube with squirt gun and is made of heavy gauge vinyl for extra durability. This summer favourite, has a 140lb weight capacity.

4. Catina Lounge

Bring the party to the pool, beach or lake with the Cantina Lounge by SportsStuff. This group inflatable features comfortable mesh seating with back and leg support for up to 4 people. Each seat comes with a molded cup holder to keep beverages within reach. This float also includes a large recessed area in the centre, perfect for ice and drinks or storage. Constructed of heavy duty gauge PVC. Measuring 86" x 60". On a hot summer day, trade in your out-of-water lounge chair, for the Cantina Lounge and enjoy the sun, and the company of your best friends while staying refreshed!

3. Pongo Bongo

A college party favourite, Airhead brings Beer Pong to the pool, beach or lake with their inflatable game table equipped with 12 cup holders on each side. Pongo Bongo is multifunctional, flip it over and you have a relaxing pool float or an air mattress. This fun water game table is made of heavy gauge vinyl and only the highest quality materials. It measures 88" x 40" inflated. Grab some of your friends and play some Pongo Bongo this summer! Alcohol not recommended.

2. Giant Inflatable Pizza Slices & Pretzels 

Who doesn't want to float around on their favourite snack? Swimline's giant pizza slice is complete with bungee connectors to attach to two or more pizza slices and is made with heavy duty vinyl. Swimline's 3-person, giant pretzel measures 60" in diameter and is constructed of heavy duty vinyl. The popular giant inflatable food trend doesn't end at pizza slices and pretzels. You can also find giant inflatable donuts, watermelon, pineapple and more! Hit the pool with your favourite giant inflatable snack, but remember these pool toys are not edible!

1. Giant Inflatable Swans, Flamingos, Parrots & More!

There's no doubt about it, these giant birds have taken over the summer. From Swans to Flamingos to giant inflatable parrots, Swimline's heavy duty, durable pool floats are the perfect pool accessory and the choice of many of our favourite celebrities. With a 140lb weight capacity, these swans are made for swimmers of all ages. So go ahead, pick up one of these popular inflatable swan's, flamingo's or bird of your choice and float in style this summer!

*All toys and floats listed above can be found at the Acapulco Poolstore Located at 1244 Victoria St. N, Kitchener, Ontario.

Charlotte Swart
Marketing Coordinator
As the Marketing Coordinator for Acapulco Pools, Charlotte manages our social media networks, website and contributes to our bi-weekly blog. Charlotte joined Acapulco on 2013 after graduating from the Advertising program at Conestoga College.


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